One of the most timeless interior décor options is the minimalist style that started in the early ’90s and since then has never faded away. However, not many people understand how to master this barely-there look with confidence.  

The core aspect of minimalist style is simplicity. Keep it Spartan, tone down the décor and live by the “less is more” ideology. Think clean, modern lines, a brief often monochromatic color palette, and trimmed silhouettes. 

In this guide, let us take a look at some of the most inspired styles of minimalism in various spaces in your home. 

Minimalist Style Kitchen 

A minimalist style kitchen is subtle yet sophisticated and unique. Since the design elements are very simple, they can highlight poor quality material and hardware. That is why it is important that you buy only the best products if you want to create minimalism for your kitchen. 

Your kitchen needs to be bright, airy, and refreshing. One of the most popular color palettes for minimalist kitchens is black and white with a few pops of color here and there brought by your crockery and appliances. However, you need to steer clear away from complicated prints and patterns and your kitchen needs to be smart, organized, and clutter-free. 

Minimalist Style Bedroom 

To create inspiring minimalist bedrooms, you need to work with clean lines, subtle silhouettes, symmetry, and elegant bedding.  

When we talk about minimalism, it does not mean you have to be boring. Go ahead and have fun experimenting with a large variety of elements associated with a minimalistic design that you can make your own style. Bedrooms often benefit from parallel lines and geometric shapes while you can add some bright colors with playful pieces of furniture and art. Just remember not to go overboard, though. 

Minimalistic Style Living Room 

Your living room will benefit from some easy-going luxury with some choice furniture and minimalist décor that is timeless and classic. Although adding objects throughout the living room is not against minimalism, there are some zones that should be kept empty like the area behind your couch and under your table. 

When it comes to a minimalistic living room, prints and patterns can be replaced with various textures coupled with lighting. Wood can be paired with metallic objects and concrete with faux leather. White, creams and pastel colors are the preferred color for minimalistic living rooms. 

Minimalistic Style Bathroom 

Bathrooms are the most complex rooms in your house so it can be particularly fun to transform them into minimalist spaces that embody both practicality and luxury. Your bathrooms should feature a tight color palette with no more than three tonal shades. 

Black and white tiles give an elegant and clean look while a mix of wood fixtures lend a sense of organic to the bathroom. Keep the surfaces of the space undecorated for a sense of calm rather than clutter.  

Bottom Line 

To embrace minimalism, you need to embrace quality over quantity and invest in classic eye-catching pieces and keep their appeal for a long time. The key role of minimalism is that if an item does not have a dedicated space for it, it is not necessary. Try the above tips to decorate your own home; you won’t be disappointed. 

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