Although most people are opting for contemporary living rooms designs that comprise simplicity and minimalism, there are still people out there looking to build a traditional living room. The term ‘traditional’ can be perceived in a plethora of ways and often has no established formula behind its designs. From mid-century styles to cottage core to the classic flamboyance of the regency era, there are endless design possibilities under the umbrella of traditional design. 

If you’re looking to bring some more period-style vibes to your living room, we’re here to help your regency dreams come true. 

Here are some great makeover ideas for a traditional living room. 

  • Opt for Dark or Muted Paint Colors

The most elegant traditional living rooms feature dark or muted paint colors. However, if you don’t want to opt for dark-colored paint in the whole room, add a touch of drama by painting just one wall a dark color. Traditional designs usually support warm color schemes, so purples, reds, neutrals, and greens, are great paint options. Grey is another timeless color that lends itself incredibly well to traditional living rooms. 

  • Embrace Mismatched Textures and Patterns

While all elements of a contemporary living room blend seamlessly into one another, you can expect the opposite for a traditional living room. Traditional living rooms are quite unique because they typically feature furniture and décor pieces that differ in terms of color, patterns, and texture. However, while we’re all for this beautiful mismatching, there’s one golden rule you need to remember: if you’re walls and floors are patterned, you’re furniture must be plain, and vice versa. 

  • Reclaim Vintage Furniture 

Salvage as many vintage pieces as you can to set your living room in a traditional space. Whether you found an ornate chest of drawers at the flea market or inherited an old China cabinet from your grandma, think of ways to incorporate these items into your living room for improved aesthetics and extra storage. If these vintage items don’t fit well with the vibe you’re hoping for, try painting them. 

  • Add Warmth with Wooden Furniture

If there’s anything that can elevate the aesthetics of a space and add more flair and drama to it, it’s wooden furniture. When it comes to wooden furniture, less is always more, especially if you’re opting for dark wood. Pair well-crafted dark-colored wooden pieces with light walls and subtle floral patterns to make your furniture pop. 

  • Bring an Eclectic Vibe 

If you’re looking for a more boho style living room, there are a few options you can go with. A traditional boho style living room is all about vintage pieces and wooden items. This look revolves around the layering of different colors, patterns, and textures to create a beautiful rustic, laidback feel to your space. Don’t shy away from picking out vintage pieces with worn-out looks to give your space a ‘lived-in’ feel. 


We hope our makeover ideas for a traditional living room help you create a beautiful and relaxing space that will take you back in time. One important thing to remember is that every small little thing matters when remodeling a space.

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