As most of us started working and spending more time at home, the kitchen has transformed into a space where you do not just prepare food but socialize with family, do your homework, and get some office work done. This means it is one of the prime places in your house that you need to invest in. 
Whether it is a simple upgrade or a complete revamp, let’s find out what the remainder of 2021 has in store when it comes to beautiful kitchen designs. 

Bold Color Contrasts

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  • Kitchens are no longer spaces with muted colors. These days, homeowners are embracing bolder and more vibrant colors for their kitchens, particularly two shades on the opposite end of the spectrum, like blue and yellow, and red and green. The bolder the combination, the more oomph your kitchen will have and will stand out from the others. The great thing is that kitchens are rich with color opportunities, from kitchen countertops, cabinets, flooring, faucets, and appliances so you have the chance to have a lot of playing with it.

Luxurious Marble 
Marbles with strong veins are all the rage these days. The more veined they are, the more luxurious vibe they give. Heavily-veined marbles are making a spectacular comeback in the interior décor world and have become associated with high-end kitchens. The great thing about marble is that it is durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and low-maintenance. Since marble is a classic material, it also withstands fleeting trends. 
White or black marble with strong gold veins, in particular, makes for a statement kitchen and creates beautiful textural contrasts between the other wood and metal surfaces in your kitchen. 

Gloomy Surfaces
Kitchens are welcoming the dark side in 2021. The trend for gloomy-colored kitchens has emerged as kitchens shift towards two-toned colors. If you have dark countertops and backsplash, it can be balanced by lighter kitchen cabinetry and furniture. Moreover, a few pops of colors here and there can draw attention to certain elements in your kitchen and create an air of sophistication. Although black, grey, and deep purples were once only used as accent colors in the kitchen, making these colors predominant in the walls worktops can add a welcoming and homely charm to your cooking space. 

Wood Finishes 
Wood is the classic material and is now seeing a revival in the kitchens. Although wood is often used in kitchen furniture, nowadays, the focus is on fully-wooden cabinets, floors, and even worktops. The great thing about wood is that it comes in a variety of different colors, textures, and grains.  Depending on your tastes, you can opt for pale ash, dark walnut, and warm oak for your kitchen. Lighter-colored wood gives your kitchen a Scandinavian touch while darker wood makes it look cozy and welcoming. 

Statement Lighting 

This year, give some drama to your kitchen. Even though subtle recessed ceiling lights and spotlights are still very popular, people who want more personality in their kitchen are opting for large show-stopping hanging pendant lamps.  

These lights can hang till just above the worktop so that you have enough light to prepare dinner. They can also be placed above the kitchen table, turning your kitchen space into a statement dining room where you can serve your family and guests. 

Double Islands As kitchens are becoming bigger and more spacious, the kitchen islands are becoming essential and versatile features. These days, kitchen islands are not just used as extra space to prepare food, they are also used to serve your guests. If you do not like the idea of too many people crowding in the kitchen, your islands can be used to display statement pieces of crockery or place potted plants to liven up your cooking space. 

Floating Shelves Floating shelves are one of the new trends on Instagram. Not only are these shelves highly functional, but they also take a smaller amount of space in your kitchen and are a great spot for you to display your beautiful kitchen accessories. People who want their kitchen to have clean lines and a streamlined look are now looking towards the less-bulkier floating shelves to adorn their kitchens. In the past couple of years, the kitchen has become one of the most flexible and multifunctional rooms in the house. From doubling as an open-plan family room to a place where children do their homework, the kitchen space is evolving. Investing in upgrading your kitchen can be invaluable for your family members and it also adds home value if you ever want to sell off your home. 

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